||Nevskiy 32-34 ||

" I love painting out of all things.I`ve been painting for as long as I remember myself. I`ve never been concerned to have my painting resemble real life"

"My pictures are my children. They are conceived, natured and born to leave into the adult world. They have their own   destinies, they meet their own people"

"When I paint I get an impression as if something from above were passing through me and by means of my hands leaving a trace on paper. I never make up plots for my works, never make sketches and never know what is going to come out."

"I would love my paintings to help people realize that the ability to consciously bring love and light into the world is the greatest endowment for humankind."

Zabota || Tusovka ||Rodstvo ||Sliyanie || Sobaka ||Tretiy Glaz || Detstvo || Musikant || Svet